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Bamboletta Hair: French Braided Styles

  • June 15, 2012 2:32 pm

Today we are looking at french braiding yarn hair and using this pretty Bamboletta doll, Maggie, as our model.  This doll was created to look just like my daughter Maggie- and when Maggie got her for Christmas way back in 2008, Maggie named her Maggie, because, “Mom! It’s ME!!!!!”  Pretty cute. I thought Christina at Bamboletta got the doll made perfectly- super sweet with a discernible dab of mischief and ardent intelligence.

This style is really pretty simple, and you can dress up a lot of styles by french braining parts or all of the hair. If you already know how to do french braids, you will find this tutorial very easy. If not, don’t despair- for some reason, I can’t french braid people hair to save my life, but I’m just fine on dolls.  So there is hope! Dolls are don’t wiggle, yelp and are totally willing to stand upside down if that position makes it easier for you. As with all yarn styles, the trick is to keep the seams hidden, and the hair looking as full as possible.

To get started, pull small sections of hair from all three main seams (top, middle, bottom) and do one initial three strand, criss cross rotation to form the beginning of a basic braid.   With each new strand that you move into the braid, pick up just a few bits of yarn and add it to the three main pieces you are making the braid from.  You will want to make sure you grab them from the top and bottom- you can get some from the center, but I usually go for more from the sides.  If you leave the center alone, the non-braided part will look fuller.

You can see how I am adding just a bit with each new twist, and see how the sides are being pulled into the braid down the center.

Keep this going until you get the front section braided, and then tie it off with a ribbon or band or just wrap a few strands of the yarn around it snugly.  If you want to do braids all the way down, then keep going until you reach the bottom of the hair.

At this point, if you want to top it off with messy buns, pull the braided section behind and around, then twist the hair until it forms a bun and secure.

You can add ribbons or flowers to dress it up or down.


Or you can just leave it down.  I like to wrap some hair around the band holding the front bits, and then tighten it up so it forms two little fountains.  I actually really like this style- it seem very spunky, Punky Brewster to me. (Now you know how old I am!)

I know it was similar to last week’s fishtail, but don’t despair- next week we will do something funky and fun- cornrows and cornrow styles!


  1. NinaC says:

    Thanks! I actually was going to look up how do do braids for Cassie’s hair because my sister did it to her this week and it was adorable! Now I can try it myself!

  2. msdramateacherlady says:

    You are having way too much fun playing with dolls. I love it!

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