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Life as Lou

Ever Anxiously Wait For The Starting Gun And Then When It Gets Shot Off Realize Your Shoe Laces Are Untied?

  • August 24, 2012 12:52 am

Wildflowers at Canyon Lake Park, Rapid City, SD

So our social worker e-mailed me.  Our file is officially open for placements and in the hands of the lady who makes the calls.She said we would get a call soon. . .if we hadn’t already.


So, about a week and a half ago I had an icky little tummy bug.  Then Maggie got it, and Gabe got it 2 days later, then Jonas dropped on Monday, Chris went down on Tuesday. . .and I thought- well, good.  We’re all done with that.

Until I woke up at 3 am on Wednesday sicker than a dog.  Yeah.  So not cool.  And to top it off, everyone else felt like crapola for 1 day- me, I’m on day two of feeling icky.  I think I am on my way out- yesterday was horrid and today I am just weak and miserable feeling.

I am willing myself to get well before the phone rings.

Also- I bleached pretty much the entire house on Tuesday, and now I need to do that again.  The last thing I want to welcome new kiddos with is a tummy bug.  Yeech.


  1. amie says:

    Well, I guess the good thing is, you can see the positive side of it all happening BEFORE placement. Still, a big ol inconvenience of it happening at all. Good luck.

  2. Sanisi says:

    Sorry everybody’s been so ill. Hope you feel better soon and that you don’t have to wait for a call very long.

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