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  • September 7, 2012 4:41 pm

Well, school started. Seminary started. We got two new kids.

And then I didn’t blog for several days because the chaos level at my house has left me a little off kilter.

It is a whirlwind around here.  We have ha meetings, back to schools, registrations, and a million other things that have kept me running around like a chicken with my head cut off.  I think I have most of the initial appointments done, so hopefully I can sit for awhile.

Today is the first day for a week that feels slower- and in all reality, it is still a pretty full day!

We are adjusting well.  I’m tired trying to get back into my early morning seminary schedule.  My house is literally shutting down around eight at night now because we eat dinner and then basically fall over from exhaustion.

The kids are all doing well.  Our two news (I am going to call them Kid2 (toddler little guy) and Kid1 (preschool girl) for now, out of privacy) are easing into a routine.  They are very good kids, easy and compliant.  They have their quirks as all kiddos do, but on a whole, these are pleasant children and we like them. That’s good, because it looks like we will have them with us for awhile.

My kids are doing alright with the change.  The two little boys are vying for my attention, so I am being careful to spend extra time with Gabe and hold him a lot.  He’s been running errands with me; I guess you could say I’m sacrificing my sanity for his peace of mind. Jonas and Maggie are, as always, wonderful older siblings. They will both be great parents someday. The littles have already learned to look forward to end of the school day when the fun comes back home.  I look forward to it as well, since that gives me a little breathing room.

Kid2 needs a lot of cuddles.  He is such a content kid, but when you hold him he just melts in to you as if this was where he wanted to be all along and he’s glad you finally noticed him. Kid1 likes to snuggle as well, but mostly she likes to talk, talk, talk! She’s a pretty funny kid and I enjoy a lot of her little commentaries on her world.  The day after she arrived she held up her hand with all her fingers spread wide and said, “you get to keep me this many days, then I go back to mom.”  We had to have a talk about how it was going to be lots more days than that, but she handled it well.  Both kids amaze me with their ability to just roll with things and adapt.  Some of it, sadly, probably indicates that things are pretty tough right now, but most of it just indicates that they are amazing.



  1. Sanisi says:

    I’m glad the 2 new ones mix well with your 3. They sound like good personalities; wish I lived close enough for play time with my 2 as well.

  2. amie says:

    Very exciting!! You guys are so brave, and how wonderful this is for those two cute kiddos to be in a loving happy home for a time. :)

  3. sandra m. says:

    Oh Leah Thank You so much for sharing this little story with us! You are giving so much of yourself to these precious children–i love hearing about kid quotes and the view from their world. Post more when you can and hopefully you can get a good rhythm going for schedules, etc… Cheers to you and your family from MN!

  4. Lauralee Hensley says:

    Sounds like they are already blending in. They are really lucky little ones. God must have known this is where they need to be and your family would meet their needs very nicely. His plans are just awesome sometimes.

  5. Erica says:

    I cannot imagine a person whose life is as busy as yours. You never cease to amaze me girl! You are my superhero, I want to grow up to be you!

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