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Stinky, Dirty, Rotten, Waste of Moola Kid Shoes

  • December 11, 2007 9:40 am

stinky rotten kid shoes

Less than 2 months ago I bought Jonas these sneakers. I bought them from the Osh Kosh outlet. I didn’t buy them because I liked them, I bought them because they were the only pair of boys shoes I could find in his size after searching five different stores. I actually thought they were a little ugly. At Osh Kosh they retailed for $38, which is a little insane for kid shoes. They were on sale for about $28, which was still high for me, but justifiable after dragging two delinquent under 5′s through every store in Vacaville. I told myself that it was ok because he had just barely hit this size, and since I was paying through the nose at a store known for quality, these shoes would last.

The first day Jonas wore them to school he came home with the toe leather scuffed off. About a week later they started smelling like a bag of moldy Cheetos soaked in tabasco sauce. This has a lot to do with the fact that I can barely get Jonas to wear socks. They smelled so awful that wild animals would come running hoping for a bite. Ok, not really. But they did smell bad enough that I nearly drove off the freeway when Jonas took them off in the car one day.

When I picked Jonas up from school yesterday, the sole of one shoe was 3/4th of the way disconnected from the bottom. The other shoes was working as hard as it could to catch up and I knew that it was time to lay these ugly, stinky shoes to rest.

Jonas requested Spiderman, lace-up, light-up wonder shoes. I had a Mervyn’s store credit so I went really hoping that they would have something in his size that fit the bill. I also needed them to be inexpensive enough to buy Maggie another holiday dress since she cut a hole in the front of hers with scissors (that’s a whole ‘nother post though.) I was in luck. Mervyn’s has a sale going on, and I found shoes to the exact specifications 40% off for about $15.

Jonas was thrilled. The sock law was laid down. Maggie took one look at his fancy shoes and her fancy dress and declared, “I want Dora shoes!” I will never be caught up will I?]]>


  1. Zarah says:

    < ![CDATA[That's INSANITY! Not even if he had worn them marathon training day in and day out, and even at night while sleepwalking through the desert with elephants trampling his heels, would this be ok.
    I'm pretty bummed out by the fact that they make kids shoes with such poor quality - and at that price!! :(]]>

  2. Wendy McKee says:

    Ahhhhhhhhh dont you just love kids and there ever growing need to get bigger and destroy things!!! lol!

  3. < ![CDATA[I cannot get Ashton out of his crocs. He fought me tooth and nail with wearing socks, but I told him I would throw away the croc's if he did not at least wear socks with them when it was cold out.

    I am certainly not going to be that crazy mom sending her kid to school with just crocs on in 32 degree weather. Nope, not me!]]>

  4. Angie says:

    I am so relieved that my dd’s are not the only kids that can wear out a pair of shoes, before they grow out of them. My oldest is 10 and we still have a daily sock battle, what is wrong with kids these days? I personally love socks.

  5. adrienne says:

    Girl that is so funny! My DAUGHTER, the 8yr old is the SAME WAY WITH SHOES!!!! That pic is awesome! LOL

  6. Mom2Six says:

    My boys are just as hard on their shoes, too. One of my sons chews through Sunday (dress) pants so quickly. He is only allowed to wear them to church, changing as soon as we come home, and he still manages to put holes in them about every five to six weeks. So frustrating!

  7. Sarah/hippy_chick says:

    Bless there cotton sock’s!!!

  8. G.M.W says:

    If you still have the oskcosh shoes, print out your story. Put it in an envelope and put he shoes in a box. Also write a bit more on how you thought going with a knowen good brand that you expected at least five to six months from them. Is there any thing they can do as a one time courtesy for a good coustomer. They might send you coupons, or even a new pair of shoes. My sister does this with all kinds of things that don’t last or preform like she thinks they should. She gets lots in return too. When they call she talks all sweet to them and praises the products etc. I have a feeling you tossed them. You could still give it a try with that great photo. I shows everything.

  9. percetakan says:

    LOL, that shoes is hungry.