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This Hair Cut Brought To You By The Power Of Dora

  • December 12, 2007 4:36 pm

prehaircut dry

It was getting frizzy at the ends and very hard to brush, particularily with the flailing arms in the way. It is also pretty goofy looking with the baby blonde and summer streaks growing out and her “bad dye job” roots growing in with gusto.


So I combed it out while she zoned into Dora. You can see the thin ends. . .they are especially thin because Jonas cut about 4 inches off of one part a few months ago.

I began to cut. This is thin baby hair. No need to undercut or work with layers. No need even to clip 1/2 of it up- because it’s that fine. Judging from her roots, it won’t be this fine ever again. It went quickly and she didn’t realize what I was doing. She got irritated when I made her sit up straight a few times to make sure I was cutting evenly. Mean Mommy, interfering with the Dora worship.


The kid doesn’t miss a beat. She was back to wearing out another Magnadoodle without even stopping to admire her much healthier looking, and much easier to brush hair.

the artist]]>


  1. Amie says:

    hey, it looks good! Can I hire you?

  2. Zarah says:

    She’s such a cutie and that new haircut is super! Looks so professional! :D

  3. Sanisi says:

    Is the side-part natural? Mine likes to go down the middle.

  4. Kelli says:

    < ![CDATA[Way to go Mom! I lopped off my daughters bangs this morning in record I did it while she was playing with her toothbrush at the bathroom sink. Picture this, she's standing on a stool, looking all around, playing in the sink, pinned between my knees while I am standing behind her snipping away while i lean over her head...but at least she can see now, right?...

    the things we mothers have to do to our poor ]]>

  5. Sarah says:

    Great cut! Did Maggie leave you a tip?

  6. Ariana says:

    < ![CDATA[I LOVE her haircut. It does look healthier.

    Don't you just looove it when the sun highlights start growing out? /sarcasm.]]>

  7. wendy says:

    Oh my goodness…she is precious! So beautiful

  8. Lisa says:

    < ![CDATA[She looks adorable! Graet job, mom!

    *wistful sigh* Ah, that uber fine, oh-so-silky baby hair.... *sniff*

    She is getting so big... where does the time go?!]]>

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