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Halloween Costumes In Review

  • October 4, 2008 9:11 am

costume shopping this year, I began to reflect on some of the more interesting outfits I’ve dressed up as over the years. This reflecting led me to haul out the old photo albums, which had a wealth of creative get-ups. Anything this good should be shared, so here you go:


My first Halloween. I am six days shy of one, and I am a clown.

no idea what I'm supposed to be, but it's the 80s so I fit right in.

In this shot I am two years old and dressed up as . . .um. . . let’s see. . .I’m wearing a white trashbag and my hair has been styled in anti-gravity tinfoil. I have on more eye make-up than Cher. I look exactly like everybody else from the 80′s, and I have no idea what or who I am. But I am cute, and probably channeling radio stations.

halloween pic(3)

Copy (2) of halloween

Here I am at three. I am so adorable. This was the year of the polka dot witch. Not only was every inch of my witch hat and dress covered in multicolored polka dots, but what is really fantatsic is my waist length hair spray painted in coordinating polka dots all down the back. I. was. so. proud.

Now, my mother’s fro-like hair? Not a costume. 1984 was a bad year for hair.


Awww, here I am at five or six dressed as Ginda the Good Witch. Once again, I am styled with tinfoil, but this time with just a touch of taste since it is only on the matching wand. The crown is clearly a Burger King tracing job. I thought that shimmery pink dress was the most fabulous dress ever.


These are some of my favorite costumes. Our family had three, a clown, a bat and a pumpkin- all they comprised was a cape and matching hat. So simple, so cute.


This lovely number turned me into a princess. . .the kind of princess who hot glues rhinestones onto her nightgown. Note the really attractive matching blue turtleneck. I did grow up in North Dakota, folks. We usually trick or treated through snow. Once again, someone got all creative with the tin foil. My crown is awesome. I totally have the urge to go tinfoil something right now. Best thing about the photo? It has to be the totally unimpressed look on my face after I just won second place in the nursing home costume contest. I’ve had that look perfected since before the fourth grade!

Copy of bread

Ok, seriously, they don’t get any better than this. I am. . .A SLICE OF BREAD! My dad found a huge piece of foam rubber somewhere and he and my mom cut it into a bread shape, cut out the center and a spot for my face and hands. It was, by far, the warmest costume I ever wore, and also the most cumbersome. I could not sit, or go to the bathroom, or get in and out on my own. And when I got knocked over, I stayed flat on my back until some kind person helped me back up.


This clever costume holds the family record of being the absolute best costume we’ve ever come up with. Everyone has worn it, but- I was the first. Note the hole cut into the cardboard “lid”- even with half the board cut away that lid made the wearer so top heavy you couldn’t keep it on for very long. This is what you get to dress up as when your mom is an artist. I totally get my creativity from her.


Nearly all of the missing photographs from Halloween’s during my lifetime, I am dressed as a witch. My borther and sister are stinkin’ adorable, while I am clearly in the awkward, ugly glasses and bad hair phase.

Note the cape. We got a lot of mileage out of that cape. After almost twenty years of dedicated Halloween service at my parent’s house, it moved to my house where my son wore out the last remaining fibers being super heros and Harry Potter. It literally died just about six months ago.


The angel costume. Oh I had a good Halloween that year! What you can’t see about the costume are the four pairs of nylons I have on underneath. It was FREEZING that year.

The best thing about that year was undoubtedly the church Halloween party.

pie angel

See the angel throwing the pie with deadly aim? That is so me. I learned that year that I have an uncommon talent for pie throwing, and that my accuracy is unmatched. The unfortunate man in the photo? Our bishop.

pie 2

Oh the fond memories. I took out the entire bishopric in three throws, and kept going back. It was poetic. . .angel pies bishop. I have the dopiest grin on my face right now just thinking about it.

Ok- moving on.

I am a senior in high school in this shot of me dancing at the Halloween dance. Now, this costume was originally created for me in elementary school when I gave a report on Sacajawea. See?


Come Sr year, it was pushing the good girl limits short and I was one hot Sacajawea. That is the closest I have ever come to an adult costume.

Aside from one wild pipi longstocking costume in college, I haven’t dressed up since. Time for that to change, eh?



  1. Zarah says:

    < ![CDATA[ROFL!!!
    TFS doll - you're sure one cute angel and ditto Sacajawea! Love the Peanutbutter Can too!! :D]]>

  2. Anna Sigga says:

    LOL!!!! I love seeing those costumes and my fav is the toast!!! Too hilarious!!

  3. Hilde aka Scoobie says:

    Way cool pictures. Love you as the pice of bread!

  4. CharlotteL says:

    What a great trip down memory lane! lol I too was glenda the good witch! great costumes. :)

  5. Ewonne says:

    < ![CDATA[ROFL!!! GREAT pics!!! And your DD looks a lot like you at age three, doesn't she??
    TFS this! ]]>

  6. Maile says:

    Thank you so much! These were hilariously funny and gave me several laughs I was really in need of tonight.

  7. Selena Kimsey says:

    < ![CDATA[I so LOVED this blog post Leah. And WOW...if you never said anything, you would think the photos of the younger times were Maggie. Can you say Clone? And look at you with the it girl. Tee hee.

    Such fun photos. I love them all!]]>

  8. Mome-rath says:

    The slice of bread is HYSTERICAL! I almost shot tea out of my nose at that one (I am SO inflicting that one on my future children!). When I was ten I skated in the Christmas figure skating show, and my role that year was as a gigantic Christmas present. Yes, a box. So when I fell during rehearsal I had to lie there like an upturned turtle until someone came along to yank me out of my box. So embarrassing.

  9. Jessica C. says:

    < ![CDATA[Hey Leah!
    it's been forever since I've checked our your blog, I hope all is well and CONGRATS on the upcoming baby! I bet you are beyond overjoyed!! take care chica! ]]>

  10. Carol says:

    Lovin’ the Jif :) And I just have to add that you look just like a young Drew Barrymore in the picture with the blue nightgown.

  11. Yes.These adults looks beautiful & attractive in this picture.By the way,I thing this Halloween costumes may be better for Christmas holidays.

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