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How To Make A Living Succulent Wreath

  • May 9, 2012 4:12 pm

Today, I am going to show you how to make a living succulent wreath.  I got my sempervivums and echeverias from Young’s Garden Center.  They have a great online selection of beautiful varieties of succulents.  I did a big post about them before and you can learn more here.

To get started, you will need sphagnum moss, a wreath frame, a wreath back, and floral wire.  You can use this type of metal frame for your back as well.  Mine is only made to last one season, but one you wanted to last for years you should go with two metal parts, as wood rots over time.  I went with wood because my local craft shop only had one metal one left.

Start out by soaking your moss in water, and one it is saturated, fill in your wreath mold.  Pack it in there pretty tightly.  If you are making a living wreath that you want to have live for years, you can take some old nylons, fill them with dirt, and make a dirt ring to rest in the center of the moss.  We have short summers and long winters here in South Dakota, so I didn’t bother with that.  If we still lived in California, I would have done that step.

Once your frame is full of moss, put on the back and wrap the whole thing tightly with floral wire.

It should look like this when you are finished.  This is a very messy process, so I would make it inside.  I got this far in my project and it started hailing, so I did the rest inside, and wow- was that moss was everywhere!

Once you get your wreath together, it is time to put in the plants.  You can use a pencil (or your finger) to poke holes for the roots. Be gentle with the plants because succulent leaves can snap off easily. I used a combination of blue rose echeveria, carnea sedum (which is the most beautiful sedum I have ever seen in my life, bar none), and a variety of sempervivums, including bronco, pruhonice, sir william lawrence, and several others.  It is important to note that the colors on semps can change due to the season or light exposure, so the semps you get might not look the exact same for a few months, or they may quickly fade and them come back greener or more purple or red than when you bought them.  It is fun to watch the seasonal changes!

You can see how I packed my plants in. Now comes the hard part.  You have to wait for the roots to take hold of the moss, so you need to find a bright, temperate location for the wreath to lay for 2-3 weeks.  If you have plants that fall off, gently tie them in place with some wire.  My wreath had to endure the rooting process inside by a bright window because we have had many cold, rainy days and nights dropping below freezing.  Many sempervivums and sedum are frost hardy, but there is no sense in torturing a plant that doesn’t even have roots working yet. Succulents like lots of light, so being in doors through so many dreary days was tough on my wreath, but it is doing ok.

One of the most important factors to consider is water.  Keep the wreath damp for the first few days, then allow it to naturally dry. Once it seems pretty dry, soak it through.  You will need to do this every 3 days in the beginning, then slowly lengthen the amount of time in between waterings to two weeks.  If you are doing this inside, you will want to let it sit outside during the day for a few days prior to officially moving it outside, just to acclimate it to the weather.  Just as you would harden off seedlings, harden off your wreath.

If you take a close look, you will see that the larger echeveria has stretched out as far as it can.  Now that it is outside getting lots of sun, it will stop being so elongated and go back down into its more natural form.  I think they are pretty either way. Many of the semps changed colors, based on lack of light and a season change.  It will be really fun to watch this as it progresses through a hot summer!And look!  It’s blooming already! Get your plants for your very own succulent wreath from Young’s Garden Center today!

I Think Is About Time We Gave Away Some Stuff- Bloghoppin’ With The Nook $150 Grand Prize

  • March 23, 2012 3:33 am

Winners have been announced!  Check it out at the Nook Blog!

Welcome to the Nook bloghop!  I’m the last blog in the line-up, so I’m going to keep my post short and sweet, and down to brass tacks.

Today we’re giving away $150 worth of new scrapbooking goodies- paper, flowers, thickers, stickers, ribbon and more -OH YES-MORE!  These will come from a variety of beautiful companies like Petaloo and American Crafts and Cosmo Cricket and My Mind’s Eye and Crate Paper. Many items will be hot off the presses from the latest CHA and many will be perennial favorites and classic embellishments.

Interested? Want an entry? It’s simple.

Anyone can enter.  Drop me a comment down there in the comment box.

Feel like two entries might be more helpful? Click that like button at the bottom of this post and share it on facebook, or link to it from your blog and leave me another comment.

And if I happen to be the first blog you’ve stopped by that’s talking about this hop- well, the beginning can be found at the Nook Blog, and there are FIVE other prizes hidden along the list of blogs you will find there!

If you love to scrapbook, you will love checking out the talent on these blogs. And if you love to scrap- then you will also love the beautiful kits I put together for My Scrapbook Nook kits!  Go check them out, and send yourself a little present every month with a subscription.  We have just a few March kits left (featured above).  Anyone who joins now will get a grab bag that coordinates with the upcoming April kit (featuring Story Teller by Crate-pictures coming very soon!)- and that grab bag is worth $55!  Grab bags are also available for our subscribers every month at a dramatically discounted rate.  This one is going for $10- but they are very limited, and sell out quickly!

If you think you might want a place on the Nook’s design team- then be sure to check out this post on the message board for more information on our up-coming DT call!

This card was made with a past kit from the Nook- one of my old favorites being shared again, since I haven’t done anything too creative lately.  Hope you like it!

This bloghop starts Friday morning and closes on Wednesday evening, so hurry quick and get your entries in!



This Week

  • January 13, 2012 3:15 pm

It has been one of those weeks where I feel like I’ve been going a hundred miles an hour without really getting anywhere. But that isn’t entirely true.  I have accomplished many things and I ought to give myself some credit.

-I closed up my Tupperware show and got $500 worth of stuff free because I had such a good show.

-I worked out upcoming Augason Farms posts.  Very Happy to be back on their advertising for 2012!

-I wrote 2.5 pages in a project I’m working on.

-I felt guilty about not getting more done on that project.

-I went to Target- twice.  Bought stuff we needed now and got good deals on stuff for the kids for next winter.

-I did some work on 72 hour kits and disaster preparedness to prep for a presentation I’m giving at the end of the month.

-I bought some stuff for our 72 hour kits and updated them.

-I taught Seminary all five mornings this week.  Got through Judges and Ruth.

-I did Maggie’s hair super cute most mornings this week.

-I took the dog to the vet.

-I made an exceptionally good dinner last night.

-I bought a gift for my sister and sent goodies to Grandpa.

-I got Jonas to both piano lessons and cub scouts.

-I built a huge train track that went from the living room all the way to my bedroom.

-I worked on obedience training the dog.

-I watched a friend’s children.

-I washed dried and folded nearly every piece of laundry in the house.  It is all dirty again, but it was clean.  It was.

-I made cookies.

-I brought cookies to three friends.

-I handled a nasty night terror Gabe had that kept me up a good portion of last night.

-I talked to my mom on the phone. A lot.

-I completed week two of no diet coke or caffeine. I’m going dry for the whole month, and then I can have it on special occasions.

-I did a ton at work; computer glitches, registration problems, ordering. It kept me hopping.

-I kept up with current events (a nice way of explaining me mindlessly jumping from one news story to another).

-I made peace with something that was stressing me out.

-I had something healthy for breakfast almost every day this week.


And hey, the day is young, right?  It is going to be one of those really full weekends.  So far nothing is planned for Monday, so I am looking forward to that.




  • January 3, 2012 7:35 pm


The kids are back in school and I am working on getting back to my routine.  I haven’t been feeling my best the past few days; I’m off and on feverish and quite achy without any real explanation. Not really sure what the deal is, but I am feeling up today, so I’m happy to get a better day and get some things accomplished.

Impressed? You should be. Just wait until I get a few more containers and break out my awesome label maker! It's a perfectionist's BLISS!

Yesterday I inventoried and cleaned out my pantry.  It was a disaster after having the kids “help” put groceries away for a few months.  Today I went shopping and filled in a few gaps where supplies were low.  On Thursday I am having my first Tupperware party because it is January and January means 50% pantry organization items!  I am excited to complete my long standing organized pantry project, after about four years of getting just a few containers at the start of each year.  I’m even going to do up the spices since that’s all on sale too!  If you want anything Tupperware, shoot me an e-mail at everydaylou (at) yahoo (dot) com.  Check out the crazy awesome deals right here.  If you want to place an order for my party, you will need to contact me directly.  There isn’t a party-connected online ordering set up, sorry!

It has been wonderful to start teaching seminary again after the break.  You know what I missed most of all?  By teaching seminary, I have the opportunity to testify of Christ every single day.  I get to start my day reaffirming my faith and sharing my love for the Savior.  I really do have the very best job in the church; 5:55am notwithstanding.  Honestly, I like the routine of getting up early as well.  It can catch up to you quickly if you don’t get to bed at night, but mostly I really love it.  We learned about Joshua and the walls of Jericho tumbling down as well as the river Jordan parting for the ark of the covenant.  We learned about faith.

I love seminary.

And I love my awesome seminary kids.

This card is some My Mind’s Eye paper, various punches for the butterflies (Lifestyle crafts, Martha Stewart, I think), a spellbinders label die and a Waltzingmouse Stamps label stamp.  Something springy to compliment the bizarre fifty degree weather we are having in January.  January in the Dakotas usually means bundle way up and don’t go out unless you have to- this is beautiful, spring-like weather, and as much as I love snow, I am very grateful for how well this goes with puppy training my little stinker spring spaniel.

Now, Who Were Those Christmas Winners?

  • December 25, 2011 3:55 pm

A favorite Christmas layout from days gone by

I woke up this morning and thought- I’d better go pick some winners for the Nook kit give-a-way, so here I am on Christmas morning hoping to give two lucky ladies an extra Christmas surprise!

For the runner up, who wins one beautiful kit:

Congrats to Sherri Vavra!

And for our grand prize, three month subscription, and extra Merry Christmas to. . .

Jennifer of Jennifer’s Crafty Creations!

If both of you would shoot me your contact info, I’ll get the ball rolling on those kits!


Thank you to all who played along and I hope you can all try out the kits at My Scrapbook Nook this year!  Here’s to a crafty 2012!

Poinsettia Magic Box

  • December 21, 2011 7:04 pm

This pretty poinsettia box can hold lots of goodies.  The paper is Basic Grey, and the flower is a Lifestyle Crafts die.


The Magic? Four more little boxes, great for earrins, chocolates, gift cards. . .the possibilities are endless! For full instructions (of course I have them for you!)  See my blog right here.

Like this project?  Leave me a little Christmas love by sharing on Facebook, Pinning to Pinterest or Suggesting a Stumble on Stumble Upon!  Share the creativity!  If you get a chance to make one of these, I’d love to see what you did! Thanks for looking!


  • December 7, 2011 3:47 am

I’m exhausted. That about sums it up.  Whew.

An Advent Of Gifts! Want A Free Subscription To The Nook Kits?

  • December 2, 2011 12:20 am

The gals at the Nook (Design team and friends) decided to do a fun Christmas Count down, and give away a prize on a different blog each day.  This Advent Calendar should be a fun way to check out some talented paper crafters and celebrate the friendship and festivities at the Nook.  Everyone is invited to participate (the more the merrier, so jump right in).  At the Nook Blog you can get a list of blog addresses, so you don’t miss out on a single chance to win a prize and be inspired.  I’m excited to follow along and see all the great ideas- and it starts today, so hop on over!

The calendar of days filled up quite quickly, but no one took Christmas Day!  I decided that the best way to remedy that little problem would be to take it myself, and give away a HUGE prize!

So, one lucky participant will win a three month subscription to My Scrapbook Nook Kits (Jan-Mar), and a runner up will walk away with the beautiful December kit!

To get an entry into this contest just leave me a comment on this post any time between now and Christmas, and I will announce a winner on Christmas Day.

If you would like an extra bit at the apple to increase your odds on walking away with a free subscription, you can facebook or tweet (once per day for the next 25 days- so 25 opportunities to win) a link to this post, inviting others to participate.  You may also blog about it or mention it at any other site where it would be appropriate to share.  Just leave me an extra comment for each, and please include your link.

The Nook is also running an exciting promotion right now with heavy discounts for gift subscriptions you may want to give to a loved one (or yourself!)  You can check those awesome deals out here.  It is the best deal we’ve offered all year, so if you plan on being crafty in 2012- I highly recommend checking out this sweet deal and making sure it gets on your wishlist!

Good luck to all those who enter!  And don’t forget to check out the rest of the Advent blogs and get entered to win those prizes!



Yet Another Card

  • November 9, 2011 7:33 pm

I am so excited to see what will be shown off at the next Craft and Hobby Association trades show!  The CHA trade show booths are always spectacular.  My Mind’s Eye Sent me these samples ahead of time and they have been really fun to craft with!

Thank You Card

  • November 8, 2011 2:44 pm