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2007 Can Kiss My. . .

  • December 29, 2007 4:49 pm

I realise that next Tuesday isn't going to create a blank slate or anything but oh my goodness amd I stoked to close the door on 2007. What a crappy year.

Am I allowed to hope for better?]]>

Frozen Turkey, Now With Feathers!

  • December 25, 2007 9:07 am

I'm a turkey virgin. Can you tell?]]>

Christmas At My House

  • December 24, 2007 6:26 pm

Here are some glimpses of what Christmas looks like at my place.


Paper Christmas stars for decoration


The tree



the presents

On the mantel

Christmas Crafting and Nativity


merry bulbs

three kings

Happy Christmas to each of you!


Girl Is Still Crafty.

  • December 21, 2007 7:04 pm

maggie fairy

Made myself a little Maggie fairy today. More info on the products will follow soon.]]>

Three. How Is That Even Possible?

  • December 18, 2007 9:34 am

the princess
Three years ago today Maggie arrived. I honestly can’t believe it has been three years. She has gone from charming baby to silly toddler to very smart, creative princess Maggie the preschooler. The girl can identify her numbers from 1-10. She knows several letters and can recognize her name. She sings Twinkle, Twinkle and Jesus Wants Me for a Sunbeam and Puff the Magic Dragon. She is a lover of all things pink and girly, princess and Dora. She adores kitties. She spends hours each day coloring and painting- I literally can’t keep her in coloring books. She has worn out a magnadoodle in a year. She is the sweetest, most compassionate, silliest kid.

balloons opening

We had a party for her a few days ago. We had thirteen of her little friends from nursery there. They played playdough, decorated their own cupcakes and opened gifts. I wrapped up a small dress up set of jewelry for each of the guests to open during present time so there were no meltdowns. Maggie was absolutely enthralled with the bouquet of balloons I bought her- she carried them around for four days straight. She was a delight. She snuck cupcakes during the entire party, and then crashed so hard from the sugar rush afterward that she burst into tears surrounded by all of her new toys. It was so quintessentially three of her that I had to try very hard not to laugh at her where she could see me.

the princess plays
I am so blessed. ]]>

Travis Unified School District- Feel Free To Screw Up And Waste My Time. I Don’t Mind, Really.

  • December 17, 2007 1:31 pm

I gave them all of the information that they requested when I registered him back in June. I distinctly remember doing this because I thought it was a pain in the butt and it took me two trips to and from the school district office and the Pediatric Clinic to get it done right. I did this trip with two cranky children and got several dirty looks from the people in the office and was asked if I would like to come back another time without them, to which I replied, “No thank you,” because any other time would have required paying a babysitter or going through this again. Oh yeah. I remember this clearly.

So now I get to jump these hoops AGAIN due to someone’s incompetence.

This time I think I will bring my camera with me so I can take a close up picture of me handing these to someone in their office. Then I’m going to make the person sign a reciept stating that I had, indeed, delivered these. That way, when I start getting holier than thou letters from the school district again, I have some proof. ]]>

Welcome To Cold & Flu Season.

  • December 13, 2007 6:14 pm

We are being pretty careful with the hand washing. I know I’ve been soapy quite a few times and just the other day I hit Bath & Body Works for a few new Christmas soaps and antibacterial gels that are smell-o-riffic to entice the kids and I into frequent cleansing.

I had my five minutes of fame the other day. Did any of you guys see this article the other day? It is all about hand washing- and yours truly is quoted. Twice. In these quotes I admit to both washing my hands on the fly with the anti-bac gels and not washing at public restrooms because “ew gross!” Lest you read that and think I’m completely unhygienic, I must explain. I figure that the less surfaces that I touch in a poorly kept public restroom, the better. I have heard the whole drill about using a paper towel to open doors and turn off faucets- but here’s the deal. Every time a toilet flushes it shoots a happy little spray of tiny drops of fecal matter with a twenty foot radius. This is why tooth brushes should be kept in a drawer and not on the bathroom counter, and toilets should be flushed with the lids down. Those “sterile” paper towels are covered in microscopic bacteria. So what’s the point? Get out of there and pull out your no water required hand santitizer.

I received an interested new publication lately. It is called the What To Expect Guide to a Healthy Home. It has a lot of helpful advice about basic home cleanliness and dispels a few myths about what is and isn’t sanitary. It is created by teh same people who brought us “What to Expect When You’re Expecting”. If you click on the link you can get a free copy.

Now, of all the germaphobic habits you’ll hear people discuss, there is one thing that I just could never do. Do you hover when you pee at a public restroom? A lot of people do, it seems, and I would love to know how they can clench their thigh muscles and release the bladder muscles. I. Can’t. Do. It. It is clench or unclench for me, germs be damned. The good news is that if you wipe any obvious fluids left on the toilet seats away, your butt and thigh area is pretty well protected as long as you take a shower later. You don’t touch the part of your body where the germs could get in to the actual toilet. It is much safer to sit, pee and flee, sanitizing after you’re out of there.

Something I am concerned about is how frequently my kids are washing their hands at school. I asked Jonas about this and he told me that they wash after going potty. I would be happy if they washed as they entered, before snack, and as they were walking out the door. Is that a totally unreasonable thing to ask? We all donated big bottles of Purell to the classroom at the start of the school year and I am totally willing to donate a few more bottles if it means less entries in the vomit category of my blog. So, would I be out of line to ask? How do your kids do it at their school?

And, now that I’ve confessed my hygiene quirks to you guys and the national media, how about some of yours? Anything share worthy? Any tips and tricks? ]]>

Ebb & Flow

  • December 13, 2007 2:30 pm

The fact is, I lost my motivation. I started working in the scrapbook industry thirteen months ago. It started out as really fun. Then it became work. Now it seems that a lot of scrapping has become a means to an end, rather than an artistic outlet to enjoy.

Because of that change, and the fact that everyone keeps telling me to “take care of myself” and “cut back”, I have. I’ve allowed myself to do less- and it is weird. I have nothing pushing myself into the studio to work, so unless I have a project due, I don’t bother.

My creativity comes in spurts. I have a few months where I am hyper productive and then I have a few where I just run out, and I think that is natural and good. It is problematic when part of what you are paid for is your creativity. I am such a perfectionist that I feel if I am not giving 110% in every area I am slacking, and that I is really absurd.

So here I am. Busy, focused on non creative pursuits, chasing kids, baking stuff, and it is ok. Right?]]>

This Hair Cut Brought To You By The Power Of Dora

  • December 12, 2007 4:36 pm

prehaircut dry

It was getting frizzy at the ends and very hard to brush, particularily with the flailing arms in the way. It is also pretty goofy looking with the baby blonde and summer streaks growing out and her “bad dye job” roots growing in with gusto.


So I combed it out while she zoned into Dora. You can see the thin ends. . .they are especially thin because Jonas cut about 4 inches off of one part a few months ago.

I began to cut. This is thin baby hair. No need to undercut or work with layers. No need even to clip 1/2 of it up- because it’s that fine. Judging from her roots, it won’t be this fine ever again. It went quickly and she didn’t realize what I was doing. She got irritated when I made her sit up straight a few times to make sure I was cutting evenly. Mean Mommy, interfering with the Dora worship.


The kid doesn’t miss a beat. She was back to wearing out another Magnadoodle without even stopping to admire her much healthier looking, and much easier to brush hair.

the artist]]>

Stinky, Dirty, Rotten, Waste of Moola Kid Shoes

  • December 11, 2007 9:40 am

stinky rotten kid shoes

Less than 2 months ago I bought Jonas these sneakers. I bought them from the Osh Kosh outlet. I didn’t buy them because I liked them, I bought them because they were the only pair of boys shoes I could find in his size after searching five different stores. I actually thought they were a little ugly. At Osh Kosh they retailed for $38, which is a little insane for kid shoes. They were on sale for about $28, which was still high for me, but justifiable after dragging two delinquent under 5′s through every store in Vacaville. I told myself that it was ok because he had just barely hit this size, and since I was paying through the nose at a store known for quality, these shoes would last.

The first day Jonas wore them to school he came home with the toe leather scuffed off. About a week later they started smelling like a bag of moldy Cheetos soaked in tabasco sauce. This has a lot to do with the fact that I can barely get Jonas to wear socks. They smelled so awful that wild animals would come running hoping for a bite. Ok, not really. But they did smell bad enough that I nearly drove off the freeway when Jonas took them off in the car one day.

When I picked Jonas up from school yesterday, the sole of one shoe was 3/4th of the way disconnected from the bottom. The other shoes was working as hard as it could to catch up and I knew that it was time to lay these ugly, stinky shoes to rest.

Jonas requested Spiderman, lace-up, light-up wonder shoes. I had a Mervyn’s store credit so I went really hoping that they would have something in his size that fit the bill. I also needed them to be inexpensive enough to buy Maggie another holiday dress since she cut a hole in the front of hers with scissors (that’s a whole ‘nother post though.) I was in luck. Mervyn’s has a sale going on, and I found shoes to the exact specifications 40% off for about $15.

Jonas was thrilled. The sock law was laid down. Maggie took one look at his fancy shoes and her fancy dress and declared, “I want Dora shoes!” I will never be caught up will I?]]>