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Do You Love Succulents? I Do!

  • March 13, 2012 2:03 am

Today I am going to introduce you to Young’s  in Roseburg, Oregon.  While they have a lovely, family run brick and mortor nursery, they also have the very best online site for succulents I have ever found.  They specialize in Hen & Chicks or Sempervivum, which just so happen to be one of my most favorite plants.Sempervivum is Latin for always living. They are aptly named.  Not only are they quite difficult to kill (being a perennial in most zones), but they send out little runners and grow baby plants that grow around the big mama plant.  This big hen surrounded by her chickens is how they got their nickname. Because there are always more babies to replace plants that have past maturity, the same plant seems to live on forever and ever. Young’s has the best online selection for these, as well as the best prices and shipping that I’ve found.

If you like Sempervivums- you just hit pay dirt. The ones above are a few of my favorite varieties (you can click them to learn more). The first one pictured is actually a type of Echeveria, a succulent that looks a lot like a Semp. They are both hardy, drought resistant, deer resistant plants- the biggest difference is that Echeveria doesn’t tolerate cold well and should be treated either as an annual or as a friend you bring inside for the winter. When we lived in California I had planters full of this particular variety all over my patio and they were just the most beautiful things.

These all ship very well, even in chillier temperatures. The orders I have placed have all been in the deepest part of winter 2012.  I also used to send my mom babies from my Echeveria plants and they handled the trip just fine, arriving in North Dakota and growing to the size of spectacular dinner plates! The color isn’t great in the photo above, since I shot this picture at night- the Sir William Lawrence Semp is one of my very most favorite!

You can plant them in just about anything. They will grow in a pot, in rocks, in sphagnum moss, in hanging baskets, in the cracks in your driveway!  If you are a chronic plant killer, you will meet your match in these. They like to live!


They come in a big variety of sizes and colors, so you can tailor to your unique tastes.  When I looked today, there were eighty-two different flavors online. They do come in and out of stock, and new varieties are added frequently! They have great prices too; they send three of each Semp (a small, medium and large) and almost all varieties are $3.00.  That’s right- $1 each. Additionally, they have a flat rate $6.95 shipping AND they throw in a free set of three surprise Hen and Chicks with each order! The last ones I got free were GORGEOUS!


And- if you want to feel really good about yourself for buying these, not only are you supporting a family business, but it just so happens that the Semp section of the shop was started to put kid through college at BYU. That’s what family businesses are all about, after all: FAMILY!

These guys are very simple to plant. My super secret method is to poke a hole in the dirt (use your favorite cactus mix if you have one; but they manage well in all types of dirt) and stick the plant in it. Then I water it.  I know, this is complicated stuff, eh?  This is just one of the many reasons I love these.  While they are able to do well with neglect and sporadic watering, newly planted ones will do much better if they are watered more regularly. They also like light, so pick a bright spot.

I just got this pretty glazed, shallow planter today and I am partway finished with it.  The larger plants are either Aeoniums or Echeveria, I’m not sure, and the smaller are a variety of Sempervivums.  I plan to fill in the rest with Sedum (Young’s has some really unique and fun sedums) and some of the smaller, fuzzy semps when my next order comes in. I can’t wait to see what it looks like in a few weeks when it has filled in!Many of the Semps I got from Young’s about a month ago are already sending out their own runners to make more babies for me to plant! They are easy to take off and replant wherever you fancy, so when you buy a few semps, your collection can grow quickly! There are so many amazing ways to plant them that you will be thrilled to have lots of new, baby plants to be creative with!  I hope to get to show off a few fun ideas over the next few months as things warm up and Spring arrives!

For now, I am just satisfying my gardening itch with a few pretty indoor planters to green up my dining room!  For more neat ideas, try out the Sempervivum Blog. And be sure to add a little beauty to your life and send yourself some succulents from Young’s.

What are you waiting for? Go satisfy your craving for summer and let them know Leah sent you!


  1. Sanisi says:

    I wonder if they would survive a trip to the UK. Ian wouldn’t let me get any now anyway; do the babies still pop up in fall?

  2. Sue B says:

    I filled my husbands old work boots full of these. Then in the late fall I bury them in leaves. They lived for over five years. Every spring I was thrilled to see them as I unburied them.

  3. Junebug says:

    These are GORGEOUS! I had these in my garden last year- just really plain ones. I had no idea they came in purple and so many varieties! I am placing an order for sure! Thanks for sharing!

  4. amie says:

    They’re pretty…not something I would pick for myself, but I can see their draw for ya!

  5. Sue B says:

    I placed my order. Now I will be patient and wait. :)

  6. Gail Williams says:

    Ordered eight of them. Did not realize till I re-read the post that they send three of each one. I don’t think it says that on the Young’s web site. I wonder if they will freeze in the Bay Area of CA.? They are so interesting to me. And love that they have babies.

  7. Autumn says:

    I LOVE these!! I had a whole bunch in my garden at my previous house and never knew what they were called. I am going to order some! Thank you for posting about these :)

  8. Sue B says:

    My first order was so much fun, I think I might have to order one more time. :)

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