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Bamboletta Cornrows

  • July 30, 2012 11:03 pm

Today I am going to show you ow to do cornrows on your Bamboletta doll. These make for a really funky style and are easy to do.

To begin with, separate the bottom layer of hair from the top. divide those into smaller sections and create several braids. Leave about half a braid’s worth unbraided at each “ear.”  Now- you could do smaller braids than this, but I don’t recommend it.  If you try a three strand braid, you will find that they knot up when you try to take them out.  Also, smaller braids will leave the hair more kinky afterward than a thicker braid.  It is helpful to do this layer first so you can gauge how long you want your top braids to be.  If you do the bottoms last, you will probably find that you want the top braids longer.

When you are ready to go on to the top, separate out small sections.  Start braiding at the part line and pick up one or two more strands per braid as you work down the side. This will attach the braid to the head so they aren’t sticking out all willy-nilly.

It should look like this.

Pick up at the next bit down, taking some hair from both the center and that bottom hair you left.  This just helps the braids be more face framing, rather than all pulled way back. It creates a slightly fuller look in front.

Braid it up!

Then go down the part doing the same thing.  You may want to get your top ones done before you go back and get the center layer braided. With the center braids, you won’t need to add in bits of yarn to make corn rows- just braid it straight out.

When you have your top finished, it should look something like this.

Once you have your braids complete, you can play around with a few styles.  I like to pull it back like this twisting the braids as I go.

And then I like to flip the ends up under that twisted style to create an even cuter look.  There are loads of things you can do with these- braid the braids, pig tails, the options are wide open.Do make it a point to not leave the braids in too long.  The smaller braids will leave small waves in the hair, which looks pretty for a day or two, but which you probably don’t want to have last forever.  I leave these in for a week to ten days and within a few days of being loose the yarn has completely straightened back out.  Leave it in for months, and it will probably hold the waves a lot longer.

Until next time, Bamboletta fans!  Get ready for some ideas on styles for boucle babes like this one!

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  1. Lanna says:

    Your doll has prettier/more put together hair than I ever do. Can’t believe I’m almost a little jealous of a doll (most of the time my hair’s pulled back into a ponytail or with a Lilla Rose clip).

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