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Vacation Limbo

  • July 28, 2010 7:51 am

I'm trying to think of something terribly interesting to write about, but so far, I'm drawing a blank, I mean, there's stuff, but it all needs it's own post, and I need a few hours to sit down and tell you all about it. Right now, I'm scrambling with work. Don't move at the same time as your boss, especially when it just so happens to be CHA (huge tradeshow that I really should be at), and you're running a design team call, on top of the usual kit and web stuff. My vacation? Not so much a vacation.

The good news is that today we are taking our kids to Thanksgiving Point, and then the grandparents are taking the kids and Chris and I get to go stay out overnight by ourselves. Alone. Just us. Hotel room. Shopping. Meals in peace. No whining, tantrums, crying, or fighting aside from our own (haha)! Can you tell I'm looking forward to that?

Also- we got the floor plans for the base home we're moving in to in about three weeks, and I'm quite pleased. It isn't my dream home, but given the nature of military housing, we got a good one. That makes everything better!]]>


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  2. Chandler says:

    Have a wonderful time in limbo…catch you on the other side!

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