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I Believe This Is The Definition Of Overwhelmed

  • July 5, 2010 3:27 pm

I know this.

It took me about 20 years to learn, and another few to really get good at it. I may not be very smart overall- but this lesson I have down pat.

So, you wouldn’t think I’d be planning a cross country move, a month long vacation, a baptism, and back to school ALL AT THE SAME TIME while intermittently running a fever and coughing my lungs up, but what do you know? I AM. And I’m doing it with three summer crazed children, a mountain of laundry and a job.

I don’t have much of a choice.

So today I got up, got dressed, cleaned a litterbox (ew), packed the cat into her carrier (yowling), brought her to her new family (a wonderful elderly couple- she is happy already), then came back, got the kids dressed and hair fixed, drove Chris somewhere, drove to Sacramento, bought Maggie a backpack at the Hello Kitty shop, hit the Lego store with Jonas (a promise I made months ago- Check!), bought myself a cute sweater(40% off), had the kids try on multiple pairs of jeans (between them, they do not have a single hole-less pair), spent money at Kids Gap (good sale), and then more at Gymboree (um, no sale=bad Leah), and then because that wasn’t enough I then drove to IKEA where I bought Maggie a new mattress (considered splurging on an adorable vanity), some organizing stuff and four more of the huge, orange, plastic, coveted bowl that my family fights over (chose different colors- the orange is MINE). At this point all I had left to do was endure 40 miles at an average speed of 20 miles per hour (will NOT miss the traffic here), a quick drive thru for dinner (all I had was a McFlurry-counting calories), and then finally home, where I exited the car and coughed so hard I vomited.

My only regret is not knowing that I was going to throw up. I’d have had a Big Mac and apple pies with that McFlurry.

So, if you’re wondering why the blogging is in short supply- now you know.

But I promise to do better- I have an awesome new sponsor with a fan-freaking-tastic give-a-way, plus lots of scrappy stuff to share throughout the rest of this month.

I’ll just give up sleeping to make it all work.

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