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Puppy Puddles And The Hot, Hot Dryer

  • December 16, 2011 4:03 pm

(Is that not the cutest little dog toy ever?  Christmas bulbs on a rope!)

We have a new puppy.  We also have three feisty children. It adds up to a ridiculous amount of chaos and I am clearly beginning to lose. my. mind.

You see, the puppy is not housebroken, and I am having to beg, plead and whine to get a little help in this area.  To top it off, every time I do get help, or opt to just take him out myself, little Watson gets so excited at the prospect that he piddles (usually just a teensy bit, but sometimes it’s a full blown flood).  This all ends up in the bottom of his kennel, messes his snuggly blankie and his squishy-squashy bed, and everything stinks.

It should be noted here that I HATE the smell of urine.  Icky, cloying, gag-worthy pee is not something I want my house to smell like anytime, let alone Christmas time when a constant stream of visitors are arriving.  Because of this, I have been diligently scrubbing out every single puddle, every single time it happens which is at least six times a day.

Knowing the intense level of repetition and sheer exhaustion involved here, it is no wonder that this afternoon, shortly before company arrived, I made a fool of myself.

I took the kennel apart and threw it in the bathtub for deep cleaning with lots of bleach spray and hot water.  The bedding that Watson had so graciously christened a few minutes earlier had been moved to the laundry room.  Now, when I came back to deal with the laundry, I found the bed half-dry in the dryer and the blanket all spun out and ready to take out of the washer.  Awesome, I thought.  I might actually have this handled BEFORE company arrives!  I put them both together into the dryer and set it on high.

I went around the house getting my clean on.  Occasionally I would come into the laundry room with something that needed putting away, and every time I did, I was met with the most rank urine odor ever!  I searched the room.  Had I missed something?  Was there a puddle I was unaware of?  A towel a kid had used to sop up pee and then crammed into a corner?

I walked in and out of this room for a good thirty minutes, stopping each time to sniff the rug, the random pieces of laundry- perplexed and thoroughly grossed out.  To top it off, the smell was getting worse!  This was no longer at diaper level- this was steaming hot urine, and the smell was beginning to travel OUT of the laundry room and I had COMPANY COMING!  ACK!

Suddenly I was struck with a possibility.  That blanket that I thought had been so amazingly well wrung out when I added it to the dryer. . . could that have been only slightly damp because I never actually RAN the washer, but in fact threw about a cup of feces into my dryer and proceeded to fluff, tumble and heat it up for the past thirty minutes? OH GAG!

Yes, there has been bleach in my life today.  Lots of it.






  1. Marinette says:

    He’s so cute♥♥

  2. Oh, Leah. I feel your pain. Puppies are sooo cute…and soooo crazed and messy and stinky and yucky. Our puppy that was supposed to be “medium sized” is coming up on 8 months old and at least 50 pounds. I can’t even lift him anymore. He knocks my 3-year-old over in excitement. I will say he doesn’t do the “full blown” piddle when excited, but he does do a little happy pee. And kudos on the unintended pun: when talking about your dog’s urination, you said you had a “constant stream” of visitors. That really made me giggle!! :)

  3. Cathy says:

    He is so cute, they are way more work that a baby. You have been busy with toddler tree mishaps and a piddling pup! Oh the Joy of the Christmas Season!

  4. jules says:

    Leah…..he is so cute! If you can survive puppyhood it will be so worth it!!!! And I have to know where the Christmas bulbs on a rope came from!!!! Thx…I thought I was done shopping!!!!!

  5. Sue says:

    Welcome back Erma! So funny!

  6. OH no! That must have been the most awful smell! When we got our puppy everyone was excited and wanted to hug, feed, hold and play with it. Ever since then I am the one who does most of the work and it’s like having another kid only my kids don’t smell as badly.

  7. Oh, yuck!!! Our Lilly is pretty well house-broken (finally!) but our 15 year old Whippet is getting worse every day. These two are the reason I am no where near wanting to start potty training Audrey any time soon! I hope Watson gets trained soon!

  8. Sanisi says:

    That’s why puppies and kids are so cute. It’s so you put up with all the news and stink. I say at least a couple times q week to Myles, “Thank goodness you’re cute!”
    I love the Christmas lights toy. :)

  9. Sanisi says:

    Sorry, I meant mess, not news.

  10. Priya Venkat says:

    Uh-oh!!! Here’s to bleach then!

  11. nitasha says:

    Your puppy is adorable and those eyes are just amazing! I wish my Bella would play with toys because that Christmas light bulb is just too cute! But alas…she is one of the laziest Bulldogs in America- LOL! Have a great weekend!

  12. Lanna says:

    Get a gallon or two of Bacout. I swear by the stuff. Made my Seventh Generation I do believe. I’ve gotten all manner of bodily fluid blech out of things, including a vehicle we sold weeks later and plenty of barfed on everything (sheets, clothes, whatever).

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