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Watson as Linus

  • January 4, 2012 9:14 pm

Watson got a new blankie today.  This one was $3.98 in an after Christmas clearance bin at PetSmart.  As soon as we unrolled it, he grabbed it and ran outside with it to rejoice in the newness and make sure it got covered in yard smell.

He was a wild dog, twisting and flopping and fighting that blankie to the death! 

He also used it to play what most people would call “tug of war” with Gabriel, but since they are both at the developmental age of a toddler, we just call call the game “MINE! No, MINE!“  Look at those ears fly.  I’m reminded of a song by Willow Smith. . .I whip my ears back and forth. I whip my ears back and forth.  Cute kid, somewhat annoying song. Now it’s in my head.Of course, it really is Watson’s.  He makes a cute little Linus carrying around his blanket, don’t you think?  Who knew two yards of fleece could have him so excited?


Also- note the brown, brown grass and the no snow.  This is January in South Dakota.  I have my windows open and air flowing through the house because it is WARM outside.  This is so weird.  My kids think it is spring- but I assume we will get hit by something fierce come February.  Until then, it is puppy training bliss out in the nice warm sun.


  1. Casie says:

    That’s not at all what the one winter I spent living in Moorehead was like!! Enjoy it while you can!!

  2. Linda says:

    Awwww he is so adorable! <3 and obviously LOVES his new blankie :)
    Enjoy the weather while you can….I really can't imagine how cold the winters can get there (no snow in winter in Aus – except in the mountains)

  3. I so enjoyed your posts!! What a fun way to post and document everyday life and blessings. I really do need to take more pics myself. Thanks for inspiring me : )

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