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  • March 16, 2012 4:29 pm

Watson is my only buddy these days.  The kids have gone off to grandma’s house for a two week fun fest (well, for the kids, I’m sure it will be a cardio endurance marathon for the grandparents). Chris’s squadron is having yet another inspection and he got switched to nights for the week, so it’s just been me and my big puppy.

Watson has only learned a few good discipline things, and so this is a bit challenging since I can’t use anything but gentle persuasion on him, being so physically incapacitated. The good news is that he is minding his manners pretty well for a puppy and slowly getting better at a few of his obedience tasks, and gaining baby steps toward emotional control.  His sit and stay are very good, and his fetching skills are improving. I had him fetching really well awhile ago, but then he figured out how much fun it was to have the kids chase him to get the toy back, and that totally derailed his progress.  I refuse to chase him at all, and he does love having his toy thrown so we are making good progress there this week.  We are also trying to improve his desire to come when called.  He did great with that at the beginning, but has hit that 6 month boundary pushing stage.  I think I just need a pocket full of treats and we will be good.

I actually ran out of training treats, so I may venture out tomorrow if I feel up to it (I’m really drained today) and go to Runnings.  They have the best training treats! And I love Farm and Fleet stores, always have.

Watson has been a lucky boy with the kids gone. Since I have very little else to focus on, he has been out more, and almost every time I leave the house, I come back with a new treat.  Today he got the big blue toy in his mouth.  He loves it!

Watson smelled horrible, and has for a few days now, so this morning I just put him in the shower with me and gave him a scrub down.  It was only minimally challenging for me.  Trying to wash him bending over the tub while convincing him to stay in the tub would way been way to much physical strain for me, but he is very well behaved in a shower and now he smells like strawberries and happiness, so he is getting cuddled more.

I wish I was stronger so we could leash train, but it is just gong to have to wait a few weeks. We are still enjoying the gorgeous 70 degree weather- I put a chair in the backyard and I just sit there and throw stuff for him to fetch. It is so beautiful outside!

Watson is also great company because every time he hears a strange noise the hair on his back goes up and he gets loud and very defensive. He’s a little scary, but at least I know he’s ready to take anyone out who tries to get me. My childhood springer spaniel, Lizzie, was the same way. Best of fun and friendship, but if anyone threatened me- they got an attack dog in their face. We found this out one day when my younger brother and I were play fighting.  He lunged at me and suddenly Lizzie jumped up and bit him in the butt!  Not hard, mind you, but hard enough to serve as a very clear warning. It was so out of character that my parents told Bernie to go for me again, and Lizzie had to be restrained from taking him down. It was clear that I was her person. Mom never worried about me going for a walk after that, “Just take Lizzie!”

Lizzie is the reason why we got Watson. He has some big paws to fill.  I think he can do it. He’s already got the sad eyes down.



  1. He is so cute!!!

    I bet the bonding beteween you two will be so much stronger while the kids are gone!
    Why don’t you train heel (without leash) and eye contact this period when you are weak? Just a few steps, pat and treat. Turn left, turn right – make him follow you like a… little puppy, glued to your side. Just a few steps at a time – not to hard for you physically, and not to hard for him mentally, just good for both of you :-)

  2. Sanisi says:

    You’re making this tired and hormonal pregnant lady tear up; I miss Lizzie. I wish I could give Watson a cuddle; he’s adorable. I’m glad he likes showers.

  3. Lauralee Hensley says:

    Cool Dog. I have two dogs, a Belgium Malinois (pronounced Mal-in-wa), and a minature pinsher (they aren’t related in any way to the Doberman that people say they look like).

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