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  • May 14, 2012 4:42 am

Gabe is obsessed with the water outside.  I have been changing his clothing about four times a day lately because he will sneak over to the spigot and turn the hose on.  Some times I just roll with it.  The days when it is 55 degrees outside and he’s run out the back door sans britches. . .then I need to intervene.

He also has a squirt gun, purchased in the Target dollar section.  The gun was actually $2.50, and I expected it would work like a gun that costs $2.50, but no- darn thing works like a fifteen dollar super soaker, and I’ve been nailed several times a day over the past week.  Once it was point blank in the face while I was sitting here typing.  This caused the gun to be put on top of the refrigerator (the only place Gabe can’t access these days), which of course ended in tears, and then worked its way into an agreement to only shoot the gun outside.  You can imagine how often I’ve had to remind him of that.  I think he is finally catching on.

Despite the fact that Gabe spent most of the past week dripping wet and completely happy about it, I find it interesting that I cannot convince him to take a bath to save my life.  This kid used to love baths, but lately it has turned into a nightmare where I’m trying to rinse the (gentle! tear free!) soap out of a slippery, screaming child’s hair and failing miserably.  Between the flailing and the panic the entire bathroom ends up wet, and I have to change my clothes down to my underwear because it has soaked all the way through.  I’ve even done several baths without soap and he is only convinced to rinse off if he is taking a bath with his big sister, and I am a safe distance from the tub and the shampoo.  One false move in his direction and he’s thrown one leg over the tub and is ready to bolt faster than I can say “lather, rinse and repeat”. The results of this method aren’t that great.  Between Maggie and Gabe splashing and the ten million ponies and littlest pet shop figurines, this usually ends with a soaking wet bathroom and a child who is merely rinsed and not really clean.  Also, there will be laundry (every towel and bath rug in the room, plus all clothing) and I will probably have to change the toilet paper roll.  On the up side?  Great opportunity to really clean that bathroom floor.

After all this, we usually hit the point where it has been weeks since Gabe’s hair was washed, and it begins to make me crazy. I do have one other option.  For some reason, he will peacefully allow me to lay him on the kitchen counter and shampoo his hair over the sink, so when I get completely fed up that is what we do.

My mother in law told me once that she used to line the kids up in the backyard and spray them down with a hose in lieu of normal bathing.  I’m not sure if she was joking or not, but the idea is tempting.


  1. Sanisi says:

    I’d wash his hair in the sink and then send him to the bathroom for a bath. That way he gets clean head to toe without so much fight.

  2. I could literally write this exact post, but swap Porter for Gabe. He’s obsessed with the hose (back yard and front yard) and I change his dripping clothes all the time. Yet I can’t wash the kid’s hair for ANYTHING and he screams there is soap in his eyes when the soap/tear-free shampoo hasn’t come within 5 feet of the tub. Criminy. I may have to try the sink hair-washing thing method, because I’m desperate.

  3. I hear you!
    Dogs and kids are the same – they don’t mind beeing (extremely) wet outdoors, but as soon as you whisper “bath time”: they vanishes. Water hoses, squirt guns, ponds, sea water in march – they are ok with all of that – but the bath tub? Oh no.

    I wander when they – read: the kids – realize that beeing clean is ok….

  4. Nina C says:

    With motherhood it is whatever works right? :)

  5. msdramateacherlady says:

    I know Gabe isn’t a puppy, but you could always soap him up and hose him off all in the yard. That’s how I wash one of my dogs, she loves the hose, hates the bath. Or maybe give him some soap crayons and let him draw all over himself and then scrub off the drawings.

  6. Priya Venkat says:

    I like ‘msdramateacherlady’s” idea. Seems like it might work.

  7. Lauralee Hensley says:

    I’m with Nina C., whatever works.

  8. Victoria says:

    Been there…done that! The joy of boys!

    However, I can also pass along some info since we had this exact same thing happen at our house – with baths. Carter loved them, until the rinse came along. After several months of fighting, he told me the soap hurts his eyes. We were using Target brand baby shampoo – tear free. Well, I tried it out myself, and OW – that stuff burns! I felt so bad. Now, he’s almost 6 and we still splurge on name brand baby shampoo. No more fights!

    Could just be a biy who hates baths, but I pass along that info- just in case! ;)

  9. Edward has been the same way. If it’s chilly, I take him in the house, pull up a chair and let him play with the hose in the sink! I know… I’m a crazy woman but he LOVES it! :)

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