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My Children Crack Me Up- And They Don’t Mean To

  • August 18, 2012 1:16 am

You know what I will really miss when the kids go back to school?  I will miss hearing their hilarious opinions on the world.  Their take on things has had me cracking up all summer.  Here are my favorite two from the past three days.


We’re driving home from a piano party and stereo is playing a Barry Manilow song I like called “When October Goes”.  Jonas has heard this song a few times, but tonight he is curious.  He wants to know what the big deal is about October and what this song is about.  I launch into a detailed explanation about longing and the bittersweet reality of time passing and love lost.  A a few minutes after I am done explaining he pipes up, “Oh, I get it!  I bet he just doesn’t want the Halloween candy gone.  THAT makes total sense.”

Yeah, kiddo, Barry Manilow really had your number on that song.

Mermaid tails for Waldorf sized dolls- made a new one for Maggie and a few to sell in my etsy shop.


It’s Friday.  Every Friday Bamboletta dolls puts up their new selection of dolls for sale, and Maggie and I stalk the previews and drool over the cute dollies.  Maggie especially wants a blue haired doll, and there is one this week that is truly blue haired perfection.  Her name is Winter. However, she is expensive ($245), and it’s just not going to happen this week since I blew my budget on back to school stuff and new wardrobes and a not very fun car repair.  Not to mention the fact that these dolls hit the market and sell out in seconds so your chances of carting the one you love are slim.

Maggie saw me on the computer, got excited and asked me if I got the doll.  I explained no, someone else bought her. She was not pleased.

“Mommy!  Why do people keep buying the dolls we like best!?”

“Well, we like the super cute ones and other people like the really cute ones too.”

She chewed on that for a moment, face scrunched up in displeasure, trying to process this reality.  Finally she shakes her head, mutters “MEANIES!!!” and stalks off.

Sometimes it is really hard not to laugh until they are out of earshot.


  1. Lilith says:

    LOL! Love kids and their look on the world! TFS!

  2. Lauralee Hensley says:

    I like the October Candy one. Candy is going to be a lost love of mine, since I was recently diagnosed with diabetes. It is so bittersweet when you really want a Snickers bar and have to realize you’d have to take only one teeny-tiny bite and leave it at that. So why bother, it will just leave you longing for more.

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