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  • December 29, 2005 10:18 pm

Don’t try returning stuff to Target if you’ve lost your receipt. They are insane. Chris bought me two books that I already had and lost the receipt. The books still had the tags with the prices on them and the girl at the counter acted like she was doing me some huge favor by doing my transaction. She then tells me that in order to exchange them I have to go pick out two items each at the same or more price as the individual books. I can’t combine the total cost and get one big thing. So I go get Toy Story 2 for the kids since we were buying that for them anyway with their Grandpa money, and I snag a box of diapers, figuring that I would just use the diaper money on myself later. I get back to the register and Li’l Miss Priss says, ‘I told you they have to be from the same department that you got the books from. The electronic department.” Uh, no, she didn’t tell me that, and I have a friend with me who confirmed that. I just ignored the comment and grabbed a copy of Cinderella. In total, I ended up paying $5 extra bucks to get stuff I didn’t really plan on getting. I could have walked into Barnes & Noble and they would have given me store credit for both books to spend at my leisure in whatever department I chose. Target is nuts.

I got SO SPOILED this Christmas! I got a new Quickutz font that I wanted, we got ten DVDs between the four of us, a cute jacket, moola, and a beautiful Hummel figurine that looks like my Maggie. My in-laws are way too good to me! Now I have one for each of my children. The neat thing is that my kids actually resemble these figurines. This is the one I got.
Bumblebee Friend

Something very exciting happened to me this past week! I bought a new bra! For the first time in a year! And it’s smaller! It’s so nice to be back in the first half of the alphabet! Maggie is choosing to nurse less and less. I don’t think I’ll be a nursing mama much longer the way she is chowing down at meal time and snubbing the breast. So, that’s kind of exciting and kind of sad all at the same time. Bittersweet, I guess. I like nursing, but I like having my body all to myself too. I’ve spent the better part of the past four years sustaining life. It will be nice to just be me.

On the down side, my camera pooped out on me again. I’m ticked. It has been working when it feels like it lately, and over Christmas that has been not very much. We have a very limited amount of holiday shots this year. Chris is taking it back to Best Buy today. We have a warranty. Since this is the second time it has needed repair in three months I really hope they replace it or I just might go berserk. Last time it was gone for almost a month and came back fussy. I bought the warranty so I could have a camera, not so it could live in the repair shop forever. ]]>


  1. capello says:

    < ![CDATA[Ahh... Quickutz. You are a lucky girl.

    If your husband had bought the Target stuff on a credit or debit card, then you never have to worry about receipts; just make sure you have the card on you and then they'll put the amount back on your card and then you can spend as you wish, and its good for 90 days; at least, that's what I always do. Because I do not have the time or patience to hold on to receipts. I have children to keep alive, for goodness sake.]]>

  2. Sheri says:

    < ![CDATA[Our computer just died...we called Circuit City, who we had a warranty through and get this...they said "You have to buy the restore disks if you want us to cover the warranty"...we specifically asked when we bought it if we needed to buy the disks (since it has a repair partition) and were told no. UGH!

    Anyway, managed to fix it without the warranty and without THEM.

    Hope your camera comes back quickly.]]>

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