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Cut His Own Damn Hair.

  • December 31, 2006 10:48 am

My son, who is 4, and occasionally more trouble than he’s worth, opted to cut his own hair last night. And it wasn’t just a trim, it was a “how close to the scalp can I cut this?

I took him to the salon – and even trimming it with the #2 clippers, you can STILL see the divets! They would have had to completely shave his head to fix it!



As you can see, he still thinks he’s hot stuff. Now his hair is so short he looks like a scrawny little bootcamp reject.

If my daughter does this I’ll cry! If Jonas does this to Maggie- I’ll string him up by his ankles! We had a huge talk about how ONLY the stylist cuts hair. Mommy doesn’t cut her own hair. Daddy doesn’t cut his own hair. Maggie (heaven forbid) doesn’t cut her own hair- and JONAS doesn’t cut anyone’s hair either! Now I’m holding my breath hoping he gets it!


  1. kim in Camas says:

    LOL! That is so funny! Reminds me of my girlfriend who has 3 daughters………she would find locks of hair hidden in tinket boxes all the time. Then she would have to go and investagate who was missing hair. LOL
    Thank God my son never did this……..yet.

  2. Kat says:

    LOL, My daughter did this and the only reason I found out was I cleaned her closet out and found the chunk she had cut in the back of her closet.

  3. Becca says:

    Well, it is kind of a cute story! lol I tried to cut my own hair when I was a teenager and I thought it was fun, until the next time I went to the salon and the woman held up my hair and made this awful face and said, “Did you cut this yourself!??!” Of course I told her no!

  4. Becca says:

    lol…well, it is kind of cute! ;)

  5. Sarah says:

    Hee hee, I’m wondering what the scrapbook layout for this little escapade will look like! ;)

  6. Jessica says:

    if it makes you feel any better, everyone of my kids has cut their own hair…my youngest, 3 times now. my oldest cut DD number 2′s hair when she barely had any to begin with, I was so freakin’ mad that I locked myself into the bathroom. this is just what kids do. hopefully he won’t do it again! yikes!

  7. Oh my goodness! He’s still a cutie.

  8. Mom2Six says:

    My four-year-old daughter just cut her hair a few weeks ago–right on the side front, and short–Both sides! We trimmed the back, but I can’t pull her hair back now so it always looks sloppy! She’s begged for months for short hair like the boys! At least Jonas still looks like a cute little boy! Interestingly enough, this daughter is the first to cut her own hair. One older brother and one younger thought cutting up their clothes was a lot more fun!

  9. Kaiden cut her hair, not once, not twice but THREE times. Everytime we had “the talk.”

    I hope your talk works better than mine ;)

  10. Amy Conn says:

    LOL, just be glad he didn’t cut your friend’s kid’s hair! I am in hot water now with one of my best friends and it feels like crap. Her almost 4-year-old daughter was playing with my son. I heard a distinct “snip!” noise and saw her laughing as she held the scissors behind her head. The blame immediately shifted to my son as the daughter said he started it. Luckily, it was just a few thin locks in back, very easy to hide, but this is a family for whom a mosquito bite is a big deal! I guess your episode is all over, but mine is just beginning!

  11. catherine says:

    I sympathize … I found your website through google … looking for some support … my daughter (3 1/2) completely “mullet”-ized her hair last night — her beautiful-all-one-length hair that went down to the middle of her back that I spent every day putting into gorgeous braids or ponytails. It was a disaster. It is now a boy-length cut, “pixie” if you want to use a euphenism. I don’t. I am so sad … I was sobbing hysterically last night while my husband lectured me on having perspective.

  12. My girls (2 and 3) cut each others hair, they both had past shoulder length blond hair. The older one had just donated her hair to locks of love and it was still hard for me to get used to her shoulder length hair. Now one is completely bald and the other is a boy cut. We are calling them Peter Pan and GI Jane. It is so hard for women, my husband is over it.

  13. NIcole Ramey says:

    Wow…My son just did the same thing this morning..Only he has shorter hair than your son did….So i am not sure if i should shave it or get it as short as i can without making him bald!!! I know what you went threw!!!!

  14. lisa sawatzky says:

    my daughter just turned 2 and she cut a slice out of her bangs, isn’t this a little young to be cutting your own hair???

  15. jasmine says:

    when i was little i cut my hair and blammed it on my little sister that couldnt even walk lol :)

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