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Christmas Mini Album: Pages 5 & 6

  • December 17, 2008 8:47 pm


Today we will run through pages five and six! I hope you are all having a season full of peace and merriment so far, and that you are remembering to capture a few pictures along the way. (If you are new to the class, all instructions can be found here).

Beginning with the cute scalloped edged page you made last time out of the back pattern on Reindeer Games, make sure you have inked your edges. I find that when inking around scallops you can go for messy or you can slightly bend the crease at each scallop to get the ink in the cracks. I was a little messy this time around, as the tone on tone and size of the scallops lets me get away with it. On pages where this is more obvious, I take the time to be all picky.

Copy of IMG_9766

Cut yourself some Yuletide (the green side) measuring 5 x 6. Center it between the scallops and the holes, and adhere it with a dimensional adhesive. Now cut a piece of Merry & Bright to 4 1/4 x 4 1/2. Layer this piece onto your Yuletide.


Now you are going to add in some yellow from the back of the Merry & Bright with a 5 x 1 inch strip across the bottom. Add a strip of pretty ribbon overlapping that so only about 3/4th of an inch shows. Just a bit of faux stitching will help give it the weight it needs to be the base.

Then you will need to grab some Yuletide paper and punch yourself a scalloped border. If you look closely at mine, you will see that the inking is more obvious here, and I took the time to make it look good. Adhere this strip with a dimensional adhesive.

Copy of IMG_9766

Use your letter stamps to write a title (I used memories just because that is pretty straightforward and generic. If you are doing cookies or jammies or Santa or Baby Jesus on this page, then, by all means, title it appropriately. I may go back and fiddle with mine when I get my pictures developed and know exactly what I’m putting here.) Cut out the title and layer it so it overlaps both the ribbon and scalloped edge. If you can’t stamp a straight line, don’t worry about it. Look closely- neither can I, but it’s working for me.

To create the next page you will need another piece of Yuletide measuring 5 x 6. Layer a 1 inch strip of Reindeer games across the bottom, add a quarter inch strip of Merry & Bright.

Copy (2) of IMG_9766

Now cut yourself a photo mat from the yellow of Merry & Bright. Mine is about 4 x 4 1/2. Center it on your page, and give it some cute faux stitching to match the other side.


Layer a scalloped Yuletide strip over the base of the photo mat with a dimensional adhesive, and fill in the gaps with a few strands of twine. Add a cute little tie in there somewhere just to add a little detail.


Now all you need is the bird! Using the same process as illustrated here, cut him some “clothes”, add some stamping, add some grunge board, use some of the coordinating ribbon from the other page to tie the two elements together, and give him a message. Put him in his place with some dimensional adhesive. He’s a cutie, and he’ll look great watching over your page full of journaling or a photo you put there.

Pages 5 & 6 are ready for photos! I will be putting my photos in as they come, and will do a complete book set of pics when every little element has been added.

Next class will be coming soon, as will a major give-a-way, so stay tuned! ]]>


  1. Sherri Funk says:

    Hooray – so glad to see the new pages. More glad, though that you’ve managed to carve yourself out a little crafting time :)

  2. hera says:

    thanks for updating daily..i always look forward to your inspiration. merry christmas and good health!

  3. Wenche says:

    This was really a lovely piece of work. Thanks for the inspiration.

  4. Susan says:

    love this album and your daughter is beautiful

  5. Jacquee says:

    Love the album!! And always love your designs =)

  6. Erika M says:

    Loving the album!!!!

  7. Tish says:

    LOVE, LOVE your book. This is awesome! Gorgeous colors and embellishment.

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