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Christmas Mini Album: Photo Placement & It’s All In The Details

  • December 31, 2008 7:47 pm

december 2008 470

Here it is all together! I bound mine with a Bind-it-All and a 3/4th inch brown o-wire. Then I tied a few yards of ribbon, twine and embroidery floss around the rings to give it some flair. When I put my pages onto the wire I layered them as I thought they would look good. Some pages that clearly ran together because of certain design elements I kept on the same level. I staggered things where I thought it would look good and tried to keep a balance between up and down. Just play with it and see what works with your pictures best.

december 2008 498

I just tied them on at random, trying to mix and match colors and textures.

Here is how it all turned out.








december 2008 495

When completing the album I added three things: photos, journaling/titles & photo mats.

Adding in photos is pretty simple. Find the shot you like that fits and go with it. If you are having trouble with colors being off, you can always convert to black and white or sepia. You will noticed that when I chose my photos I sometimes put two vertical wallet sized photos where you would expect one horizontal 4×6- it turns out I took a lot of vertical shots this year, and I could include more this way.

december 2008 484 december 2008 486

Other pages I off set the photo and opted not to fill the entire mat, this just happened to work with my photos and how they were cropped. You can mix and match and make the space work with your photos.

Journaling was important to me, as I enjoy that part of the process and like to tell the story. I used several photo mats as journaling spaces, writing in the little memories and adding details of who did what. You could use different photo mats, or you could put photos where I put writing. No biggie. Whatever works best with your memories.


december 2008 493

You can also squeeze a little extra verbiage in by writing around the photo, along side of a photo, or even by making a pull out tag or flap behind a photo.

december 2008 053

You may also want to add a few small, stamped titles overlapping your photos.

december 2008 489

I did this on several pages. When you add in these stamped titles remember to add the little details to them. For example:

december 2008 462 december 2008 463

There it is just stamped and tossed on the page. It works.

december 2008 464 december 2008 465

And then there it is with inked edges- better. The next shot it has the faux stitching added- even better!

december 2008 466

Here it is all gussied up- AND adhered with a dimensional adhesive to really let it pop. The process takes a little longer, but I think it is worth it. Another bonus?


It ties in with the tiny photo mat on the opposite page of the spread. Same faux stitching, same color cardstock, etc. A little more detail and a little more balance, and the spread looks good.

Photo Mats:

Most of the pages have rather obvious spots for photos, but your photos may not fit these spaces perfectly. They may also look too busy against a playful background, or the photo itself may be a bit dark and look better with a lighter mat helping it to pop. I matted many of my shots, mostly using a light green or cream.

december 2008 484


I don’t have an exact measurement for these. I think most of my little mats ended up being about 2 millimeters, just big enough to be seen and inked. On some, I made them big enough to add a little faux stitching as well.

I also used a dimensional adhesive when adding many of my photos. It helps them draw attention and not get lost in the business of the album.


Before you print your photos, try cropping them to size on your computer first. This will save you a few dollars in photo processing and make the cropping process very quick when you go to add them in.

december 2008 468

I am excited to pack this book away with Christmas decorations and discover it again next year!

I hope you enjoyed creating along with me and seeing a little bit of my process. Merry Christmas, everybody, and have a very Happy New Year!

P.S. We’re down to the last day or two to enter the Cosmo Cricket contest! I’m very excited to find out who the winner is with so many, many entries! ]]>


  1. Josie says:

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  6. Melanie says:

    It looks beautiful but then again, all your stuff does:)

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    Awesome album!!! You are the best Lou.

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