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Short Public Service Announcement

  • March 9, 2009 11:27 pm



  1. Janine says:

    < ![CDATA[Uh-huh. I'm with you. It's depressing and depressing isn't good when you cry daily anyway.
    FYI: I still haven't lost the post-Jonah tummy. Just sayin']]>

  2. Sanisi says:

    Oh. Yeah, that’s not good. It’s hard to buy clothes that fit before pregnancy. After pregnancy must be a nightmare.

  3. sarah says:

    Dreading to think what happened!!!!!

  4. Jill says:

    I can so totally relate. My fourth did me in but I think now that she’s SEVEN I really have to stop blaming her for the shape I am today. Give yourself at least 6 months to “regulate” would be my tip. (and yes, 7 years IS excessive, I admit)

  5. Susana O says:

    I’m still laughing so hard my dog is looking at me like I’m nuts. Thank you for that!

  6. I *so* know what you mean…my baby is 12 weeks and I refuse to buy new jeans…a trip to the department store on Sunday and now I refuse to even try them on! *ugh*

  7. Jeja says:

    LOL! Been there, done that. I had to get clothes to wear for a wedding when my DD was newborn. That was horrible!

  8. Sabine says:

    After my fourth child I never changed back to my old clothes anymore. I have got little monsters called calories in my closet and they make all my clothes smaller and smaller over night. But hey, who likes to be so skinny that every movement your bones rattle? And by the way – gypsystyle dresses are so comfortable :-) )

  9. Mica says:

    I lived in my comfy pajama pants for 2 months! And yes I did cry on occasion, when I tried to fit in normal clothes…partially from the frustration of not fitting and partially from pain (c-section)! I’m happy to be back in jeans no matter what size! :) DON’T WORRY…I’m sure you’ll be back to normal soon!

  10. Sherri Funk says:

    Poor thing! We’ve all been there *sigh* You’re in good company.

  11. Casey says:

    I am having the same problem right now. I went to wear a pair of my pre-prego pants with my garments and ended up crying because I couldn’t get them on. I would like to make my maternity pants that have gotten too big, smaller but I stink at sewing. So I haven’t been going anywhere other than to take the kids to school and that is in my pj’s. I have been having a very rough week and a half that I have cried non-stop and can’t seem to get through my emotions enough to blog about it. Hope your hanging in there. Having three kids, I am finding especially with a new born is starting out really rough!

  12. Erika M says:

    This too shall pass!

  13. Jennifer says:

    < ![CDATA[Addition to the public service announcement:

    If a c-section is included in your "birthing vacation", do not attempt to get into ANY pre-pregnancy clothing for at least 6 months. Do not go into any clothing stores. Do not attempt to wear much of anything that has buttons...just wear all elastic. If you wish to get into your pre-pregnancy clothing and are not breastfeeding.....stop eating. :-)]]>

  14. NanaBeth says:

    < ![CDATA[Dismal news. I had 4 boys (now have 2 grandsons-I'm a senior citizen)after the 4th, at no point in time have my boobs stuck out further than my stomach, even when I was a size 8. At one point I was buying my blouses in the girls department.
    Can we say tummy tuck-please!]]>

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